Programmatic Advertising

Programmatic Advertising uses algorithms and AI to run real-time auctions where ads are bought and placed at the same time as a visitor loads a website.

Any and all digital formats and channels including Google, Facebook, Microsoft are available through these automated marketplaces. In addition to all of the standard channels and platforms you’d be familiar with, programmatic advertising is also used to sell ad space for Connected Television (CTV), Over-The-Top Television (OOTV), digital radio and digital out of home (DOOH).

By the end of 2021, 88% of all digital display marketing in was spent via programmatic advertising.

Programmatic Advertising Platforms

  1. Match2One.
  2. MediaMath.
  3. Amazon Ads.


What About Ad Networks and Ad Exchanges?

  • An ad network is a platform connected to a certain number of websites, offering inventory for advertisers on those sites.
  • An ad exchange is a trading floor where advertisers go to buy ad space from multiple ad networks.

Neither of those two are Programmatic, in many ways we can look at Programmatic platforms as the evolution of Ad Networks.


What every marketer needs to know about programmatic advertising



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