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There is a formula for growing your business using Digital Marketing and I want you to have it…for free.

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Marketers have been tasked with growing businesses like never before.
I’ve grown hundreds of businesses using a system & formula and I want to show you how to do it…FREE.

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6 Digital Marketing Lessons and Insights Delivered Directly To Your Inbox

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Lesson 1

There is a formula for business growth and there a four essential levers to any business. Yes, any business, that will spur growth. This has nothing to do with digital marketing. In the first lesson, you’ll learn about the four key elements of growth for any business.

This is for everyone: marketing manager, tech startup, solopreneur or brick and mortar traditional business person.

Lesson 2

In your second lesson we’ll talk about positioning your product for your audience. It could be your flagship product or a new product offering. Sometimes we need to adjust the product, sometimes we simply need to position your product so it clearly provides benefit to your existing and potential customers.

Positioning can make or break your business growth potential.

Lesson 3

You want the leads. Can you handle the leads? 

After this lesson you’ll see the secret to perfect lead generation and how properly growing and nurturing these relationships can provide you with a viable and sustainable method for acquiring leads consistently and consistently converting your leads into your best customers for a fraction of your current cost.

Lesson 4

Conversions. It’s all about the conversions. Arguably this is the single biggest contributor to the growth of your business. I’ll show you how you too can create long lasting relationships with your newly converted customers. In this lesson you’re going to learn about the one business asset you have today that is being under-utilized.

Lesson 5

You’re sitting on a business goldmine right now, and they’re your customers. You’re going to learn how to grow your business leveraging the best group in the world, your current customers.

I’ll show you how to keep your relationships healthy and why asking your customers to buy again is the single most effective question you can ask and why it’s OK to ask that question!

Lesson 6

Would you think I was crazy if I said all of this could be automated and automated in a good way? In a sincere, genuine, human and personal way? 

I’ll show you how to setup your business as a machine that would make Henry Ford proud, so you can deploy automated followups that will double or even triple your sales frequency…​

Meet Your Instructor: Dan Nedelko

Dan Nedelko is the founder and CEO of

A brick & mortar entrepreneur from the age of 21 back in the early nineties, Dan founded Honeypot Marketing in 2004, a multi-million dollar Digital Marketing Agency, in addition to co-founding dozens of successful start-up ventures, he also holds a degree in Computer Science (so he knows his tech and marketing stuff). 

He launched his first web based businesses in the late nineties and has since launched and helped hundreds of successful web based businesses in the most competitive verticals on the internet including sports and entertainment, health and wellness, eCommerce, and gaming.

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