What are organic search results?

Digital Marketing Questions & AnswersCategory: SEOWhat are organic search results?
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When a user searches in Google, what is returned are called search engine result pages (SERPs). What appears in a SERP is determined by the many ranking factors that make up Google’s algorithms.

Long ago, after the dinosaurs but before Netflix, organic search results were simply 10 blue links. Since then, SERPs have evolved — and become much more competitive. SERPs now surface many Google features (different ways content is presented) and can change depending on the query’s intent.

What are Search Engine Result Page (SERP) features?

Any result on a SERP that is not a traditional organic result (aka 10 blue links) is considered a SERP featureAccording to Moz, the most common SERP features are:

  • Rich snippets (a visual layer added to the existing results, such as Top Stories);
  • Paid results (Google Ads and Shopping);
  • Universal results (appears in addition to organic links);
  • The Knowledge Graph (data panels or boxes).

Other Availabe SERP Features

  Google Ads (Bottom)

  Adwords (Top)

  Featured Snippet

  Image Pack

  In-Depth Article

  Knowledge Card

  Knowledge Panel

  Local Pack

  Local Teaser Pack

  News Box

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  Shopping Results

  Site Links