A Facebook Social Strategy for Small Business

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How do you feel about your Small Business in 2012?

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Small businesses are missing the mobile boat

I ran into this infographic today and when I saw it, I was agreeing so thoroughly I actually stopped what I was working on and had to get over here to write this post. It's extremely common for me … [Read more...]

Bye Google Places. Hello Google+ Local

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41 Facebook Tips for your Business Page

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5 Simple Steps to Facebook Success

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5 reasons local search is important for your small business

If you're marketing your small business and have been for any period of time then you're very familiar with the Yellow Pages telephone book listing. Up to even a few years ago when your potential … [Read more...]

Small business marketing is stressful

Being a marketer in a small business (or marketing and running the business at the same time!) is stressful. The demands and the never-ending list of priorities seem relentless. Something has to give. … [Read more...]

Evidenced based marketing has limits

Seth Godin is a very influential guy in the world of marketing and business. In particular online business, if you've never heard of him before then you should head over to http://sethgodin.com and … [Read more...]

Search engines are now social

Last week Google announced an official update to Social Search – something the Google engineering team have been testing for some time now. The idea behind social search is that if a Google account … [Read more...]